Safe reliable and suitable power supplies are paramount. If you need advice or have any questions please call for more information.

Can I bring my own equipment to site?

Yes you can bring your own equipment to site how ever please click here for more information on types of equipment allowed and not allowed on site. Please keep in mind that all electrical equipment that is going to be used must comply with AS/NZS 3000 and be Tested & Tagged.

What are the different types of outlets?

Please click here for a detailed description of power outlets.

I’m looking at exhibiting in an exhibition/event and don’t know what to do?

We are only a phone call or email away and more than happy to assist with any questions or queries you might have relating to ordering electrical.

How do I order power/lighting for my stand?

Please contact us for assistance in placing your order.

What Insurances do we hold?

EDL has public liability and all staff are covered under Workers Compensation.

What Licensing do we hold?

All Staff have white cards and current venue inductions. Our staff are highly qualified Electricians holding A class Licenses and Riggers tickets. Many of whom hold scissor lift and boom lift tickets.

Why does my stand have an extension lead socket instead of a power point with a switch?

Energy Safe Victoria (ESV) prohibits us from installing these for temporary use, we are therefore obligated to use an extension socket.

How much power does my appliance need?

Appliances all have a specification label or tag on them indicating how much current (I) or wattage (W) they require.

Can I order a 3 phase supply?

3 phase (415v) supplies can be installed to your machinery, and if necessary hardwired. Contact us to confirm your requirements.

What's the difference between amps and watts?

They are both measurements of power and can be converted easily.

W = watts, V = volts, I = current (amps)
I = W / V W = I x V
5amp = 1200 watts
10amp = 2400 watts
15amp = 3600 watts
20amp = 4800 watts
32/40amp = 9600 watts
50amp = 12000 watts

What power outlet do I need to order?

After determining how much power your appliance needs please click here to determine which outlet you need.

My appliance doesn’t have a plug?

Your appliance will need to be hard wired. Please contact us to arrange for your appliance to be hard wired.

I am an international exhibitor, can I use my equipment in Australia?

We have a large range of equipment to adapt international plugs to Australian. Ranging from single phase to 3 phase and transformers for converting voltage.